RT Rotary Thickener

Designed for continuous industrial service

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The PRESS TECHNOLOGIES model RT ROTARY THICKENING UNIT consists of one or more stainless steel baskets (or cells) in the shape of two truncated cones set base to base. Stainless steel or synthetic mesh is firmly affixed to cover the baskets and provide the filter media. The baskets are driven by a single AC variable speed drive assembly, and generally rotate from 20-60 RPM. General construction is to the same high quality standards as other PRESS TECHNOLOGIES equipment – designed for continuous industrial service.

The RT Rotary Thickener performs as follows:

Rotational speed is controlled with adjustment either electronically or through a handwheel located on top of the gear motor at the front end of the unit. Thickener units can be arranged in multiples both horizontally and vertically according to design parameters and space requirements. The most common configuration is a horizontal arrangement with up to four baskets driven by a common transmission.

Flocculated sludge/slurry is introduced to the drive end of each basket through a feed pipe by means of a distribution header. A system of internal wiers and screws control the flow of the sludge through the unit, where it is constantly turned and exposed to fresh drainage surfaces as the basket rotates.

Thickened sludge can be discharged into a collection trough, onto a conveyor, or introduced directly into a press for further dewatering. Filter media is cleaned by wash water showers mounted above the baskets. The entire system is covered by stainless steel enclosures to prevent misting. Filtrate is collected in stainless steel pans and discharged from a single flanged connection.

The PRESS TECHNOLOGIES model RT ROTARY THICKENING SYSTEM has proven to be an effective, low cost method of thickening a wide variety of sludges and slurries in both industrial and municipal applications. The RT System can be used as both a free standing unit or as a way to pre-thicken low inlet consistency material prior to pressing – producing increases in press throughput of up to 50%. The system is flexible, utilizing a modular construction concept which makes accommodating space restrictions and changes in capacity easy. Heavy duty Stainless Steel construction insures corrosion resistance and long life.


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