Quality industrial solutions for the dewatering and thickening of solids for the pulp & paper, mining, manufacturing, and municipal industries – plus cutting-edge technologies for water and wastewater treatment

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Wedge Thickener
wet lapping machine
pulp thickening
pulp dewatering devices
LTPP Wet Lap, Cutter Layboy
pulp wet lapping machine

Dewatering, Thickening, and Pressing applications

At Press Technologies LLC, our systems work! For additional information on how we can assist you and your company with your dewatering, thickening, and pressing applications and wastewater treatment projects, contact us. We’ll be pleased to help!

Innovative Solutions, Systems and Support!


Pulp & Paper Systems

Pulp Thickening

WT Twin Wire Wedge Thickener

Pressing/Wet Lapping - Standard Line

WT/PP Twin Wire Press

HDP Secondary Press

Pressing/Wet Lapping LT Line

LTPP Twin Wire Press

LTHDP Secondary Press

Cuts the Sheet And Creates Pulp Bales

CLB Cutter Layboy

Industrial & Municipal Sludge Systems

Sludge Dewatering

CM & CM-7 Twin Wire Sludge Press

SP Twin Wire Sludge Press

GT Gravity Thickener

RT Rotary Thickener