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WT Twin Wire Wedge Thickener and WT (NIP) Wedge Thickener With Nipped Drive Rolls

Press TechnologiesThe PRESS TECHNOLOGIES model WT TWIN WIRE WEDGE THICKENER is designed to accomplish the continuous dewatering of various kinds of pulp by entrainment between two porous synthetic membranes (belts). The belts are supported by either perforated plastic dewatering plates or free turning rollers throughout the unit. General construction is to the same high quality standards as other PRESS TECHNOLOGIES equipment - designed for continuous industrial service.

The WT TWIN WIRE WEDGE THICKENER performs as follows:

Press TechnologiesThe material to be dewatered enters the WT TWIN WIRE WEDGE THICKENER through a pressurized stainless steel headbox which injects the suspension between the upper and lower belts. The belts are supported by dewatering plates in the initial portion of the wedge, with side sealing accomplished by patented deckle seals mounted on either side of the machine. Foils give way to Deflection / "S" rolls towards the end of the wedge section, allowing for some slight wrapping of the entrained suspension for increased pressure prior to exiting the machine. The rapid reduction of area as the material travels down the wedge results in a high rate of thickening, quickly stabilizing and dewatering the slurry prior to discharge.

Press TechnologiesThe equipment is particularly well suited for applications such as high consistency storage, medium to high consistency bleaching, and kneading or disperging operations. High throughput, clean white water, and excellent repulping characteristics can be associated with this type WT TWIN WIRE WEDGE THICKENER.

In those applications where higher consistencies are desired but which do not justify the addition of a full Primary press section, it is possible to nip the drive rolls to increase final discharge consistency. This can be done either at the time of construction or at a later date, making the WT TWIN WIRE WEDGE THICKENER an extremely flexible dewatering press.


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