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Cutter LayboyThe PRESS TECHNOLOGIES model LTCLB CUTTER LAYBOY unit is designed to handle the sheet discharged from the LTPP Twin Wire Press or HDP Secondary Press. After discharge from the press, the sheet is transferred onto the knife entry or transfer belt of the LTCLB CUTTER LAYBOY. The speed of the transfer belt is matched to the press manually or electronically depending on the capabilities of the selected drive package.

The transfer belt feeds the pulp sheet into the cutter knife, which is mounted on an independently driven roll. Speed of the knife roll is varied to determine the cut length of the sheet. After cutting, the sheets transfer onto a high speed beltCutter Layboy which carries them over a discharge roll and slides them onto a transfer table mounted on a hydraulic scissors lift.

Optic sensors lower the table gradually as the stack increases in height, until a predetermined stack height is reached which triggers a set of fingers, or forks, to extend and catch the discharging sheet while the table drops to its fully lowered position and transfers the stack onto the customer's conveyor for removal to a scale and storage or transport area.

The transfer table then rises back to its extended position and the forks retract, dropping the sheets stacked in the interim onto the table and beginning the process over again.

Cutter Layboy
80" Cutter-Layboy

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