Sludge Dewatering


gravity thickenerThe PRESS TECHNOLOGIES model GT GRAVITY THICKENER is designed to accomplish the continuous dewatering of various kinds of pulp and sludges by gravity drainage through a porous synthetic membrane (belt). The belt is supported by either static devices or free turning rollers throughout the unit. General construction is to the same high quality standards as other Press Technologies equipment - designed for continuous industrial service.

The GT Gravity Thickener performs as follows:

The material to be dewatered enters the GT Gravity Thickener through a stainless steel headbox which distributes the suspension on the belt. The belt is supported by plastic supports in the free drainage portion of the unit, with side sealing accomplished by stainless and synthetic barriers mounted on either side of the machine. As the material travels the length of the thickener, chicanes may be used to turn the material, preventing "pooling" and aiding free drainage. Chicanes are particularly helpful in sludge thickening applications. A scraper blade mounted on the drive/discharge roll removes the thickened material from the belt, allowing it to drop onto a conveyor for transport to the next step in the process. The belt is then passed through a cleaning shower and over tracking and tensioning rolls before entering the headbox again.

The GT Gravity Thickener is an effective tool for primary thickening of light consistency slurries either as an end result or as a prethickening device prior to introduction into other dewatering equipment. Prethickening is an inexpensive way of dramatically reducing hydraulic loading on twin wire and screw presses, thereby enhancing throughput and performance.

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